Welcome to Goosebuds! A podcast where your hosts Paul, Dom, and Chad dig into the Young Adult Literature worlds of R.L. Stine and give them the deep critique and respect they deserve. Come join us and re-discover the stories you grew up with or jump in for the first time.
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Jun 29, 2017

It's Adventure Time, Goosebuddies! Paul, Dom, and Chad are joined by returning friend Nika Harper for our first ever Guest DM! Nika leads the boys through a fever dream of a story: a circus that seems to make its income off stealing kids through a time share-esque pyramid scheme. Will the boys be able to navigate this insane tale? Will they pick the right survival items? Will Nika crack under the pressure of so many clown voices she has to do? The gang also discusses Steam legacy accounts, vape coupons, and what determines which playthings have souls in Toy Story.

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Jun 7, 2017

Settle down for a tragic tale, Goosebuddies. This is a sad tale of a poor homeless janitor that loses him home because of a lame, very patient ghost boy. Chad, Paul, and Dom discuss the book and TV episode "Phantom of the Auditorium", discuss glee club, Overwatch, what to name your child, Billy Zane, and cheap school lunches.

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May 22, 2017

It's another Adventure! episode with Dom DM'ing the book for little Paul and Chad. You may ask, "What's so scary about purple peanut butter? Besides it meaning you're probably eating a poor kid school lunch?" The answer is "so many things". This episode includes being good boys, failing greeting card companies, the corporate espionage plot of The Flintstones "family" movie, weird-colored ketchups including irritated janitors, shrinking down and murdering people, and being Magneto.

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May 1, 2017

Wrap yourself up in this wonderful and weird episode where Dom, Chad, and Paul return to Egypt with Gabe and his infinitely cooler cousin Sari to dig up mummies yet again, despite all the Pharaoh PTSD they should still have from the first book. The boys also talk c-list celebrity crushes, what to be buried with in a tomb, how immortals struggle in the hard years, and gas leak revelations.

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Apr 3, 2017

It's another Adventure! for the Goosebuds as Paul takes the DM reins and guides Dom and Chad through a story of a haunted comic book shop, spookier and more off-putting than any 90s local comic shop could ever dream. The boys encounter a spinning comic rack, taking peeks at lady magazines, rip off X-Men, and a haunted maze that next to nothing to do with graphic novels. Will the boys survive? Especially when a Goosebumps legend shows up as a cameo?

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Mar 6, 2017

Slide on your flip flops, Goosebuddies: we're going to Ghost Beach! Dom, Paul, and Chad are joined by the charming Matt Scottoline from the band Hurry ( to cover Ghost Beach, an actually scary book, though it sure is a lot of he-said-she-said about who's a ghost. There's so much finger pointing over who's a spectre or not, maybe we're all ghosts, man! Who can say? We can. The boys also talk about what ghosts eat, Dice with Ellen, Rosie O'Donnell's missing bones, and how Paul definitely read the book.

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Feb 6, 2017

Worms are pretty disgusting. They crawl all over, they live in the mud, and you can cut them up without seemingly much harm. But they're not really scary. This is the main problem with the book of Go Eat Worms! The other issue is that a sociopath is the main character. Join Paul, Dom, and Chad on a discussion of worms, science fairs, Winnie the Pooh, making 2's, and what shadows may do to your no-no areas. It's a clusterfeck of an episode, Goosebuddies, but it's a good one. Just watch your sandwiches and soups; there may be a worm in there!

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Jan 2, 2017

It's a new year, Goosebuddies! Time to rethink the choices you made in the past. Perhaps you were a bratty kid? Or you were a simple-minded farmer who found a necronomicon and raised a bunch of straw boys? Either way it's time for a new start. And what better way to do that with a new episode?

The boys are joined by the lovely Nika Harper to discuss why this is one of her favorite Goosebumps books, what exactly is the rule with simpletons be allowed to have children, and how easily a scarecrow is defeated in a non-fall season. Also deep contemplation on each Muppet's political affiliations. Enjoy!

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Dec 5, 2016


In a hilarious mixup, the boys accidentally cover both Deep Trouble and its sequel book and TV show. Listen in horror as you hear about the first book to have actual action and suspense! Ponder if you would smooch a mermaid girl or at least eat her eggs? And squeal with delight as you see dreaded half-men/half-fish dudes who try and open a carnival? I guess that's their plan?

All this and more. Plus the announcement of our new Patreon to help support the show and release even more! We appreciate all of you so much, whether you pledge or not. But we love the pledges a bit tiny more.

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Nov 21, 2016

Happy 25th Episode, Goosebuddies! To commemorate the milestone, we've collected some of our favorite moments from the podcast (many suggested by you). They barely make sense, but we love them. Of course we love all our other joke children as well, but these are the ones we're sending to college. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. Thanks to all our guests for being a part of this and for YOU for listening. Your support means a ton and we wouldn't have a reason to read bad children's books without you. Here's to the next 25.


02:11 - Ep 2 - Stay Out Of The Basement

04:03 - Ep 3 - Monster Blood

05:01 - Ep 4 - Say Cheese and Die

09:51 - Ep 5 - The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

15:05 - Ep 6 - Let's Get Invisible!

19:28 - Ep 7 - Night of the Living Dummy (w/ Aaron Waltke)

27:25 - Ep 9 - Welcome to Camp Nightmare

35:16 - Ep 10 - Adventure! - Escape From The Carnival of Horrors

39:48 - Ep 14 - The Haunted Mask (w/ Kyle McVey)

41:41 - Ep 15 - Adventure! Secret Agent Grandma

49:14 - Ep 16 - Be Careful What You Wish For

55:56 - Ep 17 - GBC - Animorphs (w/ Holly Conrad)

58:32 - Ep 18 - Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

01:08:23 - Ep 19 - The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

01:10:52 - Ep 21 - One Day At Horrorland (w/ Dodger)

01:17:10 - Ep 5's sign off


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Oct 18, 2016

Hope you're hungry, Goosebuddies, because we're eating some Monster Blood. Don't worry, it has a lemony taste. In our first sequel book, Monster Blood comes back again and again to make you get real big. The boys are joined by rapper and videogame reviewer Yungtown ( to talk about hamsters, the proper applications of Monster Blood, government monitoring programs, and how one could use this stuff to have a successful NBA career.

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Oct 3, 2016

There are like hundreds of bees in this episode. Can you imagine if there were more than that? We're getting the shivers just thinking about it. The boys dive into this tale of nerds, body swapping machines, and ethical issues concerning being teleported into someone else's head and handling their junk.

(Apologies for audio crackle. We did our best to make this episode as pleasant to listen to as possible)

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Sep 6, 2016

It's time for another Choose Your Own Adventure! With Dom at the controls, Paul and Chad head to Werewolf Woods, a terrible camp where nerds can have their D&D figurines stolen by wolfmen! Terrible! As the boys discuss Real World, growing old, and figuring out ways to die, they eventually learn the scary truth of Werewolf Woods: it's really bad. Like spectacularly bad. Enjoy this trainwreck of an episode!

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Editor's Note: This episode was previously uploaded with errors to Paul's audio. They have been fixed! Hooray!

Aug 2, 2016

It's time for all us Goosebuddies to take a summer vacation. How about an amusement park? Perhaps Horrorland? Sure. Fine. I guess. Chad and Dom take a trip to one of R.L.'s most popular books with a special guest: Dodger (host of PressHeartToContinue and overall Internet Demigoddess). Consider her your little cousin along for the trip.

The three go through this tale of Doom Slides, Mirror Mazes, and a very convoluted TV channel. What is TV? Is that still a thing? We're new media! Podcasts are new media!

Anyway, enjoy the show! And thanks to our sponsors Casper for supporting us on this one.

Jul 11, 2016

This episode is for the dumb kids at school. You know who you are. You remember hating all those fancy nerds with their words and books and full sentences.... didn't you just want to prank them all?  Follow the story of of two idiots who hate a girl for no good reason and decide to prank her by putting mud on themselves. Dom, Chad, and Paul reunite as a complete trio for this terrible book and discuss other topics such as warg'ing into animals to make love to other animals, the dark production secrets of the film "Milo and Otis", and the comedic longevity of "Spaceballs".

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Jun 6, 2016

After fighting a bunch of ghosts in the ethereal realm, Paul has returned to the show! But at the temporary cost of Dom. Will the Great Three ever be reunited?!

Yes, obviously. Next episode. But until then enjoy this nugget of a werewolf story. Chad and Paul talk about a werewolf that does nothing, a hidden murder plot within the book, how the moon exactly turns lycanthropes (and discover a new movie idea in the process), and dissect The Pick Up Artist. Kino.

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May 3, 2016

Warm up your fingers and lotion up those hands, Goosebuddies!Because your piano teacher is watching them with much interest.Maybe he just wants you to be the best musician you can be. Ormaybe he just wants them for terrifying basement activities. AsPaul is temporarily dead, Dom and Chad dissect this book of ghosts,robots, and complicated human hand sales. Plus we discover the newhit genre of entertainment and R.L. finally notices us!

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Apr 13, 2016

Don't be too scared, Goosebuddies. Your ears don't deceive you; we're indeed talking about the OTHER big YA series of the 90s: Animorphs! Welcome to the first episode of the Ghoulastic Book Club, where we'll occasionally taste other book series in order to cleanse our palates in between R.L. Stine's master works. 

And joining us is our dear friend Holly Conrad (practical effects master, bird queen, and overall internet space commander) to talk about our favorite books from the series, what animals we'd like to infiltrate businesses with, and how this is the darkest YA franchise ever. Seriously, it gets messed up. Let us know what you think! Email us at and interact on our subreddit at

Feb 28, 2016

If you had three wishes, what would you ask for? Unlimited wealth? Super strength? Maybe make all your fellow basketball teammates really tired? If you chose that stupid third option, then do we have the episode for you! In this episode the Goosebuddies follow the dumb adventures of "Byrd", a girl that doesn't think her wishes through. Or think about anything really. There are really a billion better wish choices than what the characters in this book make.

Plus the boys try to figure out how to eat Swamp Thing and we dive further into everyone's individual Culling plans (Which is what you all really want to know about.)

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Feb 8, 2016

Prepare for a good old time with your grandma... Secret Agent Grandma! In our second Choose Your Adventure ride, Chad runs Paul and Dom through a world where your grandma is like James Bond, except with nothing interesting happening. What will happen when they board a train filled with mysterious trenchcoat-clad individuals? Join us for what may be the best/worst story yet. You won't believe where this story goes.

Jan 18, 2016

Somebody stop us! The Goosebuddies are back to discuss one of the iconic Goosebumps books- The Haunted Mask- with pal Kyle McVey (Grimm, Climax!, LOLJK). Just how does a haunted mask work? Can't you just cut that thing off or rub some lubriderm up in there and slip the baby off like a beer can turkey? And just how far down does this magic monster mask actually GO? Join us for the quintessential "kids doing mean pranks to each other" book in the franchise.

Dec 7, 2015

Do you know know your neighbors? Are you sure they're who they say they are? Perhaps they're actually spectres with a mortgage? In this episode the boys hit the books to read a tale of Hannah, a girl without any real friends, one really obvious twist, and a second one that reinvents how the afterlife works.

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Nov 23, 2015

You read that title right. "Strained Peas" is a short story turned into a full episode of Goosebuds the TV Show. If you're considering conceiving a child yourself, you may want to listen to this first or at least make sure you use a very respectable hospital for your delivery. If you don't, you may end up with a monster child or worse yet... a 12-year old kid who looks 45.

Enjoy the episode everyone! Paul is caught up in the real world so you just have Chad and Dom this time. But we'll be back quickly for "The Ghost Next Door."

Oct 26, 2015

You know we had to cover Goosebumps' first feature film (assuming many more are to come). Well, we're not counting RL Stine's little-mentioned spy flick "The Man Who Bumped Too Much", but that's just because there are so many sex scenes in it.

But Dom, Paul, and Chad are here to share their experiences with the flick. Does it work for both older fans and new younger viewers? Is one of the films' characters actually stuck in a hell dimension? And Paul reveals his illegitimate children! All this and more as the Goosebuddies cover Jack Black and the crew making this generation's "Monster Squad".

Thanks for listening and Happy Halloween!

Note: We previously uploaded a version of this episode with a few audio errors. They should be fixed now!

Oct 12, 2015

Goosebuddies, this is no normal episode, this is a Give Yourself Goosebumps adventure! You've been demanding we try a Choose Your Own Adventure, and what better way than to read Book #1 in the series, Escape From The Carnival of Horrors. With Story Master Dom leading Chad and Paul through a crazy carnival, will the two survive? There's spooky rides, freaks, and a LOT of boring carnival games!

Let us know if you enjoyed this test episode of a possible format we could keep revisiting. You can reach us @GoosebudsPod on Twitter and on our subreddit /r/GoosebudsPod


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